Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Austin Shotokan Karate Video Training

Video Training
"Watching yourself practising techniques in a full length mirror is a very useful way to correct the form of your techniques. Errors in posture or body alignment are readily apparent and can easily be corrected. Using a video camera to tape yourself is even better as the tape can be replayed, if necessary in slow motion, to highlight strengths and weaknesses in the performance of karate techniques. Clearly identifying a fault is the crucial first step in eliminating the error; simply practising techniques without any form of correction will almost certainly make a fault worse."
Harry Cook, Sensei
Many of the students at Austin Shotokan Karte have noted how different they perceive themselve executing kata, kihon and kumite once they view a video of themselves performing. I hope that these training videos of ourselves help us to view ourselves in a different light and help us to correct an improve. The videos that we have been posting on the blog allow for analysis, almost frame by frame useing the timer and the pause button

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Tenth Kyu said...

I too agree with the video tool.


Marc Atos