Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Of Interest 6.29.2010

Cartoon of the Month
(There's also a book making the rounds on the internet on how to know out a man without even touching him for $29.95!?!)

Kancho Kanazawa in Apple Valley.

The Shotokan Way Interview with Kancho
Videos of Shotokan Kata (Here too).
Latest SKIF-USA Newsletter: Including:
  • Richard Berger: Translating the Master; Paul Walker
  • Results of SKIF members at Ozawa Cup; Clay Morton
  • Report of the 4th East Coast Instructor Training,; Mike Cook
  • The Blocking Myth; Paul Walker
  • Performing SKIF Mawashi Uke; Lisa Turner
  • The Significance of the Shotokan Tiger; Alexis Schneiderat
  • NEW in SKIF Catalog: Kanazawa Bo Kata and Karate the Complete Kata

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kyu Exams at Austin Shotokan Karate

Austin Shotokan Karate is pleased to congratulate the following members on the results of their kyu exams today: John Pollard, 8th Kyu; Amanda Anderson and Norm Glenn, 3rd kyu; Simon Dumortier and Valentin Panayatov, 1st kyu. We also want to thank Mr. Joe Formica for traveling here from Houston on Father's Day to administer the exams.


Scott Monroe