Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ISKF 2010 Colorado, Summer Shotokan Camp

This year, the Annual ISKF Summer Camp will be held July 29- Aug. 1st, 2010. The camp is open to all shotokan karate students, regardless of affiliation. The only policy is no political talk during the camp. It is for fun and training.

The price is about the same as last year; $325-$350 for room, board and three training sessions per day. There will be discounts for early registration. For further information please contact the camp director, Sensei Gary Swain at 303.475.8664

ISKF: Southern Region Training Camp Feb 27, 2010

ISKF Southern Regional Karate Training Camp 2.27.10: Baylor University, Waco, TX
Instructor: Leon Sill, Sensei, ISKF 7th Dan


1. 8 direction shuto uke: Practice for pivoting, turning, pulling through center.
2. Shuto Uke with back and hip against wall alternating sides.
3. Heian Sandan and all power blocks e.g. mountain block, downward hammerfist in Jion: No pause on fumikomi geri and don't twist or bend body in chambering.
4. Jion: No pause on fumikomi geri
5. Importance of locking back leg in kokutsu dachi.
6. Bassai Dai: Pulling motion with hands on fumikomi geri but no bend of body.
7. First hand movement in Tekki Shodan bunkai=kake uke/hooking block.
8. Emhasis on coordinated movement: hands and feet finish at same time for focus/kime.
9. Kanku dai: First lower hips and the drop.
10. Jion: Last 2 movements bunkai = grabbing opponent wrist the side punch.
11. Jion: On jiyu uke, trapping feeing first before uraken uchi.
12. Jion: Manje uke" no chambering for punch.
13. Difference between haiwan, niwan and gaiwan.
14. Tekki Shodan: 2 man drills.