Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Upcoming Events!

• 2011 SKIF-USA and USF -National Team Trials and Open Division: September 17th – 18th in San Francisco CA Hotel Kabuki San Francisco, 1625 Post Street San Francisco, CA 94115. For more info visit the SKIF-USA website or contact Linda Crimmens at

• Colorado Summer Camp Sponsored by ISKF: in Greeley Colorado July 28-31. Contact Gary Swain pepcoach@comcast,net.

• 2011 Kanzcho Kanazawa Seminar and Goodwill Tournament in Hawaii Saturday July 23, 2011. Contact: Manfred Nagel PH: 808.441.4442; Fax: 808.599.1549 Cell: 808.306.3057: