Monday, February 28, 2011

ISKF Master Camp 2011

The 45th Anniversary ISKF Master Camp and International Goodwill Tournament will be June 10th - June 17th, 2011. Once again this special camp will be held at Camp Green Lane, Green Lane, Pennsylvania USA. Every year is special as it is the only week-long Shotokan training camp taught by the world's most famous Shotokan masters. This
year we will have instruction from Master's Teruyuki Okazaki - ISKF Chief Instructor, Yutaka Yaguchi - ISKF/USA, Hideo Ochi - JKA/Europe, Masaru Miura - SKI-I/Italy and Shunsuke Takahashi - TSKF/Australia. Assisting them will be members of the esteemed high-ranking ISKF Technical Committee.

The ISKF welcomes Shotokan organizations from all countries to join the International Shotokan Karate Federation. Please direct any inquiries for membership to or call us directly at: 215.222.9382.

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