Friday, August 6, 2010

Dojo and other News: August 7th, 2010

  • SKIF USA members represented well at the 30th Annual Ozawa Open Cup in Las Vegas. Jimmy Wong, Sensei of Miami and Clay Morton Sensei took gold medals and Texan (WACO) instructor, Manny DaCosta (who is just up the road from us) took a silver medal. For a full list of SKIF-USA competitors and their achivements, see, "SKIF Members win in Las Vegas" by Clay Morton, available at the SKIF USA Spring Newsletter.

  • Amanda, having given up retail for long haul trucking has now given up long haul trucking for heavy equipment operating. Did I mention she's about 5' tall and has a mean gyaku tsuki and a Judo game to boot?

  • Well wishes to Shodan, Ronny who is moving back to Israel where he will continue to pursue his shotokan practice at his home dojo just outside of Haifa. It was a pleasure to have him for as long as we did. Oss! and Shalom!

  • Mr. Riley, sensei (sandan) is back from summer vacation: Welcome back! It's slightly warmer than in Minnesota, n'est pas?

  • We have had the pleasure of having Sempai Kenney (shodan) back with us duribg a break from his studies at Baylor where he is studying creative writing and training in both shotokan and Aikido. We will soon see him again we we him well in his studies and training.

  • Scott Monroe , sensei tells us that we will soon be incorporating Kancho Kanazawa's new bo kata, kanazawa no bo.

  • A reminder that that the dojo will be closed for maintenance next week for a couple of days; check your email on the specific dates.

  • Sempai,

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