Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Of Interest 6.29.2010

Cartoon of the Month
(There's also a book making the rounds on the internet on how to know out a man without even touching him for $29.95!?!)

Kancho Kanazawa in Apple Valley.

The Shotokan Way Interview with Kancho
Videos of Shotokan Kata (Here too).
Latest SKIF-USA Newsletter: Including:
  • Richard Berger: Translating the Master; Paul Walker
  • Results of SKIF members at Ozawa Cup; Clay Morton
  • Report of the 4th East Coast Instructor Training,; Mike Cook
  • The Blocking Myth; Paul Walker
  • Performing SKIF Mawashi Uke; Lisa Turner
  • The Significance of the Shotokan Tiger; Alexis Schneiderat
  • NEW in SKIF Catalog: Kanazawa Bo Kata and Karate the Complete Kata

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