Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rank Tests: Congratulations

Rank Tests at Austin Shotokan Karate

Congratulations to the following people who passed their Kyu exams today (Sunday, June 28): Tabitha Down, 7th Kyu; Valentin Panayatov, 2nd Kyu; and Randy O'Brian, 1st Kyu. They faced an extra challenge because the air conditioning was out in the Recreation Center! Our thanks to Mr. Joe Formica for administering the exams and to Jackson Keeney and Gerald for assisting.

Congratulations to Desiree Garcia, Simon DuMortier, Gerald, and Jayant Vohra on their fine efforts in Wednesday night's Kyu exams. Desiree passed to the rank of Seventh Kyu (orange belt). Simon and Gerald had good exams overall and were given some specific parts of them to work on for a retest in a month. Jayant took the test for experience only.The Fourth of July holiday shouldn't affect our class schedule. Please remember to register for the month of July at the front desk of the Rec. Center. We didn't do our end-of-the-month lunch after class today, so we'll try to do it next Sunday.

Oss!Scott Monroe

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