Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kancho Kanzazawa Seminar and Bo Kata


Greetings! all of you!

On behalf of myself, Jim Shea, and Steve Warren Sensei I am pleased to announce, after what seems like weeks of discussions, that we have received permission from SKIF-Japan to be the first SKIF organization outside of Japan to have Kanazawa Kancho and Nobuaki Sensei teach The Kanazawa No Bo Kata (there are two ...Dai and Sho) at our June seminar in Rochester, NH. This Bo kata (s) was created by Kanazawa Kancho over 30 years ago and it is only now, in 2009, that it will become available to all of us and will officially become part of the SKIF syllabus.

This is a very momentous occasion and will take Shotokan training around the world to a higher level, filling in a noticeable void, and giving everyone a tremendous opportunity to be on the cutting edge of Kobudo training!

Special arrangements have been made to have a Seminar "special offering price " of this once in a lifetime ...Kanazawa No Bo Kata DVD.

More details to follow as soon as our seminar scheduling is completed.

I'll get back to everyone as soon as I can!

Stay well! Train Hard!


Mike Cook
Instructor, 6th Dan, KyoshiSecretary, Board of Directors, SKIF-USAMember SKIF USA Technical CommitteeSociety of Fellows SKIF Yudanshakai-JapanMaine Shotokan Karate Association-SKIF

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