Sunday, December 7, 2008

Video Training Sessions

As you will note, we have added video training sessions to the blog. It is said that the video camera adds pounds; it also adds insight and perspective that we often do not getting my merely looking in the mirror during our training. As such, periodically, we will video tape members performing their level of techniques so that they can see themselves performing with a new perspective. These will be posted on the blog--or if you prefer to not appear on the blog--the video of your videos can be emailed.
We have already posted some of the videos recorded on Sunday 12/7/08 and will be posting more of those--and new videos to the blog. You can view posts that do not appear on the first page by clicking "older posts" at the bottom of the blog page, or you may access specific posts from the side bar. Video posts will begin with the date that the video was recorded.

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